Aspirations – Uchelgeisiau

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Raising Aspirations: KS3

Year 7 is a vital transitional year. We provide students with an ethos of ambition and reward and aim to develop the skills that will help them in Year 7 and beyond. Year 8 consolidates the skills that have been developed and encourages students to become familiar with more sophisticated thinking, literacy and numeracy skills. Year 9 bridges the gap between KS3 and KS4 and provides students with personalised advice regarding option choices and future career and learning pathways.

Some of the opportunities include:

• Student Voice activities that encourage the year group to reflect upon their strengths and the areas they need to develop. Students are encouraged to think about their future plans and the steps necessary to achieve them

• Adopting leadership roles within their class or year group. This can include adopting the prestigious role of class, year or literacy representative.

• Opportunities to develop public speaking and performing are available in all year groups. This can include contributing during school and year assemblies or participating in the public speaking club

• Celebrating the success of all our students for both school based and extra-curricular activities. Reward presentations are carried out in assemblies and achievements are displayed on the screens around the school.

• A programme to encourage Year 9 students to make well informed decisions as they opt for KS4 courses

• Selected students receive additional support in order to develop their literacy skills. This enables them to enjoy and access the curriculum and achieve their potential

• Some students are selected to work with our Sixth Form Ambassadors who can mentor younger members of the school and discuss option choices, revision techniques and other challenges

• The MAT provision within the school ensures students are identified and provided with a range of lesson based and extra-curricular opportunities

Raising Aspirations: KS4

Years 10 and 11 are crucial in the school life of all students. Castell Alun aims to support all members of the school so that they are able to achieve their potential in the courses they have chosen to study. We help them to make aspirational choices for the future and equip them with the skills and attitudes they need to be successful.

There are a very wide range of activities open to students including:

• Activities that broaden the horizons of students and introduce them to new subjects including Law, Astronomy and Mandarin

• The development of skills such as entrepreneurship as part of events such as the Enterprise Day

• Programmes provided by Oxford and Cambridge Universities that allow high achieving students to visit the Universities and prepare them for possible future applications

• Broadening the knowledge of students regarding apprenticeships, employment opportunities and the personal qualities and academic qualifications needed to gain a job

• A two week programme looking at revision skills and how students of all levels of ability can maximise their performance

• The Duke of Edinburgh Award, allowing students to develop their leadership and independent learning skills

Raising Aspirations: Sixth Form

From the very start of Year 12 students are given the help and advice required to help them achieve their desired outcomes. Students are provided with knowledge that will allow them to access the world of work or higher education. Every year we encourage and support our students to enable them to apply to Russell Group universities and Oxbridge colleges.

Opportunities open to students include:

• Visits to Russell Group universities

• The opportunity to participate in outreach work carried out by Oxford and Cambridge Universities

• Friday Forum, a weekly discussion group open to students who are considering applications to top universities and prestigious courses

• The change to become a Sixth Form Ambassador allowing students to become school leaders and mentor younger students

• Advice from an expert Sixth Form team of tutors about potential university courses

Students are encouraged to refer to a range of websites including: