FAQs Year Groups Absent Due to COVID

FAQs Year Groups Absent Due to COVID

Why must my child be off from school when they have not had contact with the person testing positive?

We fully appreciate the frustration that is currently being felt. The decision to send entire Year groups home rests entirely with the Government’s Track, Trace and Protect team and Flintshire County Council. Once a confirmed case has been reported to the school, in accordance with Flintshire and Welsh Government protocol, legally the case must be immediately forwarded to the TTP team. It is they who then instruct the school as to which students must then self-isolate and for how long. This decision does not rest with the school, however, the decision does have the backing of the school as it is there to protect the health and safety of all our students and staff here at Castell Alun.

Whilst we all want students to be in school, the health and safety of everyone here is paramount and will not and cannot be compromised under any circumstances. Students self-isolating are doing so to protect both their own health and the health of others and as frustrating as this may be, for all concerned, we kindly ask that you respect and adhere to the guidance set out by both Flintshire and the TTP team.


My child is showing no symptoms of COVID, why are they having to stay off from school?

We appreciate that many having to self-isolate may not be showing any symptoms related to COVID, however, this does not unfortunately mean that they are COVID free. As we are all too sadly aware, reactions to COVID differ and whilst some of those who do contract COVID demonstrate some quite severe and obvious symptoms, others do not and therefore whether they are infectious may not be known. If someone has been infected, they could remain infectious to others for a period of up to 14 days. It is for that reason that if they have come into contact with or could have come into contact with someone who is infected, they must self-isolate. This is a national requirement and contributes to stopping the spread of the disease. If they do show signs of any of the symptoms related to COVID it is essential that they get tested as soon as possible. They will only be able to take a test if they are displaying symptoms as testing while asymptomatic can often generate false negative results.


Why does the entire Year Group have to isolate when there has only been one case?

The school bubble system, approved by Flintshire County Council, is the reason why one case can lead to an entire Year group having to self-isolate. Whilst we have particularly stringent health and safety requirements in school there can be no complete guarantee that students in one year group have not had contact, directly or indirectly, to the confirmed case. This is the same as in other schools. The bubble system means that, whilst it may not appear so, this is the best case scenario as it avoids the entire school having to isolate in this way.


What will happen to lessons whilst my child is absent?

The school will do its level best to ensure that the teaching and learning of our students is not interrupted during this period of absence. Teachers will be posting work via Google Classroom at the time that lessons would normally take place. Teachers will then be on-line and available to students during the lesson time, so those who may have a question about the work set can ask and receive a reply straight away. It is important for the continued learning of students that they keep to this timetable, as if they were in school following their normal timetable. Any student who is unable to access Google Classroom or is unable to access the internet at the time of their lessons, must inform the school as soon as possible so that alternative arrangements can be made.