Airbus Project Win

Airbus Project WinA Castell Alun Year 9 Girls’ Team has won a prestigious ‘Most Innovative Project’ award from Airbus. The competition was the culmination of ten weeks of hard work for the students, who had the project remit of redesigning part of the school premises in order to render it more efficient and environmentally friendly.

The final day of the competition was hosted on the Airbus site in Broughton, with the successful Castell Alun team being pitted against groups from ten other schools. The girls produced a detailed written report and then submitted their proposals to the independent assessors for scrutiny. Thereafter the team was requested to deliver a ten minute presentation during which they had to explain their findings and recommendations. Our Castell Alun girls had produced a model of their redesigned school which was placed on a display stand and is now on show to the public.

The girls worked with Jilly McCormack, their mentor from Airbus, and gelled exceptionally well together as a team. They graduated as Bronze Level Industrial Cadets and are now keen to go on to do the Silver Award. Assistant Headteacher at Castell Alun, Mr Paul Edwards, stated, “We’re very proud of our team. They have taken a big step in shattering that false stereotype that this kind of work is mainly undertaken by boys.”