Dino Club Returns

Dino Club ReturnsCastell Alun is winding back the clock many millions of years. The school has set up a unique club which sees students from years 7, 8 and 9 learn about all forms of pre-historic beasts. Each week, students have the opportunity to handle real dinosaur bones and a variety of fossils, learn about the discipline of palaeontology, play games and participate in a whole host of competitions.

Dino Club has already captured the interest of the student population and is proving to be very popular, with students clearly attracted to such an unusual experience. Bea, 14, is a regular at the club and commented, “I love Dino Club because you get to have fun and learn about these interesting creatures that lived millions of years ago” and Ella, 11, added, “I have always been interested in dinosaurs and now I can learn about them with my teacher’s help”.

The club came about because Geography teacher, Mrs Elaine Hyder, a qualified palaeontologist, wanted to share her passion and extensive fossil collection with the students at Castell Alun. She said “I have studied dinosaurs and collected fossils for many years, and each year I even dig up bones myself! I would have loved an opportunity to learn about dinosaurs when I was at school. I was blown away with the numbers who attended the first few meetings of the club. Here’s hoping Castell Alun High School might just produce some dinosaur hunters of the future!”