Farnborough Airshow 2014

During the summer term, Airbus invited four Castell Alun physics students , along with others from schools in the area to attend Farnborough Airshow as guests. Farnborough is an annual airshow –one of the biggest in Europe- where the aircraft industry shows off its latest aviation technology and products to interest potential buyers and show the general public some of the new cutting edge developments that could become commercial in the near future.

We set out from the Airbus site at Broughton on the Thursday afternoon along with the other pupils and accompanied by Mrs Caswell-Jones. Airbus provided a luxury coach to travel to our destination, and after 5 hours on the road we stopped at our hotel near Bristol. We were to set out early the next morning for Farnborough.

We arrived at the Airshow and the first area we were directed to was a specific building at the far end of the showground, to do a team building exercise. An Airbus representative gave a short talk on what we had to do, then split us into random groups. The task was to create a ‘plane’ out of stationary equipment and some bits and bobs. After the allotted time they would be tested to see how long they would stay in the air for. The winner was the one that achieved the most air time; Josh’s team stepped up to take first prize!

Throughout most of the day we were given time to roam around the airshow. There were many different tents, exhibitions and stalls to look around, each dedicated to their own part in the Aircraft industry. The main attraction, however, was the jets and planes that flew overhead in spectacularly choreographed manoeuvres. There were many demonstrations of daredevil flying and the Red Arrows were a particular highlight! We also got a special V.I.P tour of an A380 flight test plane, and a presentation on an electrically powered jet.

Thanks to this brilliant experience that was provided to us by Airbus, and to Mrs Caswell-Jones of the Physics department for accompanying us- we have gained a unique insight into the workings of the aviation industry, and a greater understanding of the role of an aerospatial engineer. It was a thoroughly enjoyable trip and we would recommend it to any interested student!


Year 13 Physics