School Continues to Achieve Top Results in Changing Times

Students at Castell Alun returned exceptional GCSE results this year, despite the confusing and contradictory national picture of the past few days.

There was great celebration amongst many families early on Thursday morning as results were released. All at Castell Alun were truly inspired by Kieran Edwards, who successfully battled through cancer whilst continuing to study in order to achieve a wonderful set of grades.

At the stunning peak of overall academic performance Stephanie Bull now counts a wonderful 12 A*s to her name. Elin Faragher, Lilly Duggan, Sarah Hughes and Carys Jones all scooped a whopping haul of 11 A* grades each, plus plenty of further A grades also. Abigail Evans weighed in with 10 A* and 3 A grades, with Jack Davies and Amelie Turner returning 9 A* and 3 A grades each. Further absolutely tremendous personal performances were achieved by Morgan Hine, Ayla Hughes, Ieuan Jones, Calym Kershaw, Harry Richards, Freya Searle-Jones, Lauren Snell, Jessica Spridgeon, Alicia Steel, Benjamin Thomas and Morgan Williams, who, between them averaged 7A* each, plus multiple other grades of which to be proud. A number of students have grades yet to be confirmed also, and so tallies are likely to rise further!

Acting Headteacher, Paul Edwards, commented, “This cohort of amazing Year 11 students is thoroughly deserving of such great success. We couldn’t be prouder of each and every one of our young people. I would like to thank all parents, along with teaching and support staff who have worked incredibly hard to provide our students with guidance and encouragement and the best possible learning opportunities, and it won’t stop here of course. At Castell Alun we seek to get the best for every individual and what matters to us is that each child achieves in-line with his or her potential, so that all students can personally aspire to pursue the eventual careers of their choice. It’s been an odd year for sure, but let’s take nothing away from the successes that are so richly deserved today.”

Student Development Manager for the Year 11 cohort, Neil Eve, added, “We are absolutely thrilled. Our students’ hard work has been recognized, after a somewhat protracted period of national confusion, and our students have certainly enjoyed school life to the full over the last five years, despite the curtailed close to the academic year. We will be welcoming lots of our Year 11 students back into the Sixth Form at the start of term, and we wish the very best to those others who have achieved places on great apprenticeships or have already secured employment. However the next steps unfold, every single one of our students will remain part of the Castell Alun family.”