GCSE Results 2021

Castell Alun students did themselves proud, working through genuine adversity to achieve a fine set of ‘centre-determined grades’.

Headteacher, Mr Colin Ellis, commented, “This cohort of amazing Year 11 students is thoroughly deserving of such great success. We are actually in awe of their efforts and learning gains and couldn’t be prouder of each and every one of our young people. I would like to thank all parents, along with teaching and support staff who have worked incredibly hard to provide our students with guidance and encouragement and the best possible learning opportunities, and it won’t stop here of course, as, along with many others, our Year 11students join our Sixth Form in September.”

Deputy Headteacher, Mr Paul Edwards, added, “At Castell Alun we seek to get the best for every individual and what matters to us is that all students achieve well personally, so that each of them can personally aspire to pursue the eventual careers of their choice. It’s been an odd year for sure and we have each faced hardship, in some cases beyond compare, but let’s take nothing away from the successes that are so richly deserved today. The skills that these students have developed over lock-down and self-isolation periods will actually prove to be incredibly useful as they move on to pastures and challenges new.”

Student Development Manager for the Year 11 cohort, Mr Nick O Connell, added, “Our students’ hard work throughout in-school and lock-down learning and assessment has now been rewarded. I’m thrilled that so many of our Year 11 students have opted to join our Sixth Form, and I wish the very best to those others who have achieved places on great apprenticeships or have already secured employment. Every single one of them is a winner. It’s been an abnormal ‘results day’ for sure, and we are thrilled that many external students are also really keen to join our school community now, with induction and enrolment day on Friday 3rd September.”