Gideons Visit School

Gideons visit SchoolNew Year 7 Students at Castell Alun High School have been visited by the Gideons and each student was given a copy of the New Testament.

Each year the Gideons visit thousands of British secondary schools and gatherings of university and college students, along with making personal presentations to medical personnel and uniformed services.

The 215 Castell Alun Year 7 students not only learned about the work of the Gideons, but also were encouraged to consider ways in which to overcome crises and indeed meet the challenges of everyday life, such as embarking on a career or simply dealing with anxiety. They were told stories of how their free gift had helped numerous people who were struggling with the challenges of life.

The school welcomes a great number of visiting speakers each year and students derive a great deal of benefit from these learning experiences and the debates which ensue.

The school will hold an Open Evening on Wednesday 5th October, starting at 6.30pm, during which presentations will be given by staff and students, and all areas of the school may be visited and opportunities for extracurricular activities discussed. There will be further options to see the school in session on the mornings of Thursday 6th and Friday 7th October.