Mark’s Great Wall of China Trek

I’m trekking along the Great Wall of China in 2017 for CLIC Sargent because I want to help and repay an amazing charity… CLIC Sargent, who help fight for young cancer patients to ensure they thrive, not just survive.

To donate online please go on to and search Mark-Adams40.

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at 18 months old. I had a very severe form of Crohns and had to be treated with a high dose of steroids and I had a gastrostomy for intravenous feeding. I continued with life in school but with regular hospital visits and admissions.

At the age of 8 I underwent a life changing operation to have an ileostomy which I will have for the rest of my life. It changed my life for the better and gave me a new lease of life, it however came with its complications. I went through school with many other operations and flare ups but despite all my health problems I still completed and passed my GCSEs. I never let my health problems stop me from living a normal life and seeing the world. When I left school I was at a good stage of health, I had travelled a little bit and also became a qualified level 2 tennis coach.

I had planned a trip to coach tennis in Melbourne Australia in 2014. With my trip and the best time of my life coming to an end I fell seriously ill. The doctors carried out a series of test including lumbar punctures, liver biopsys and various blood tests to be able to diagnose my problem. I was later diagnosed with Glandular fever which had triggered off a life threatening and rare blood disorder called HLH (Haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis). I was treated with a high dose of steroids and later when my condition had stabilised I chose to have a stem cell transplant. My incredible sister (Louise Adams) was a 100% match and she became my donor. Throughout the year of my transplant and making the decision to go ahead with this life changing treatment, I was given amazing and helpful support by Clic Sargent and my social worker Rachel Driver, who I can proudly say is now my good friend, helped and supported me in the darkest and unpredictable time of my life. Without her help I couldn’t have got through all this as well as I have done. Clic Sargent helped with all financial support and took a lot of stress off my phenomenal parents. Most importantly though Rachel was fantastic for emotional support and a shoulder to cry on when I felt lost and alone. I couldn’t be more thankful for having this charity on my side.

I am now 18 months post-transplant and I have a new life ahead with no complications or problems. Both diseases have been CURED. I am seizing every moment and every day. I want to show how you should never give up the fight and I want to repay the kindness an amazing charity showed me and I want to help and support children with the fight against cancer. Thank you for taking your time to listen to my story. Any size of donation will be hugely appreciated.

Thank you.