“The Hills are Alive…” with the Sound of Year 7!

Written by the 7E tutor group

DurHills Are Alive with the Sound of Year 7ing last term, Year 7 students had the opportunity to engage in some outdoor learning, with many attending a residential at Nant BH Education Centre.

During the three days, the hills of the Conwy Valley certainly became alive despite the snow and rain, and lack of sleep in some cases, however it did provide the students with a wonderful opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and to face their fears and develop their leadership and team work skills.

Activities that the students were involved in included gorge walking, kayaking, orienteering and hill walking, as well as day to day activities such as setting the table for dinner, taking responsibility for their own kit and making their own beds. We all really enjoyed climbing in the hills and even up a waterfall! Lots of us thought the high ropes course, orienteering and rock climbing were the most fun activities. Being children we all made the most of our time in the games room and got plenty of snacks from the tuck shop to keep our energy levels up! Each day started with a loud wake-up call from their teachers, followed by a military style kit and bedroom check. Needless to say, the students had started to master this by day three, although we are sure that they returned to old habits once they were home!

We would urge any student to get involved when the chance arises to go on a trip like this, regardless of age or love of the great outdoors. There genuinely is something for everyone, and even in the coldest and most miserable of conditions, it’s amazing how much lift a warm hot chocolate can give.