They Really Care

They Really CareCastell Alun High School pupil, Daniel from Caergwrle and his Grandad, John, also from Caergwrle, proved that they understood the meaning of community recently when they teamed up to right a wrong done to Daniel’s school.

Daniel had been asked to keep an eye on the school garden over the holidays and, during one of his scheduled checks, found that the shed had been vandalised. Thinking quickly, Daniel sought to rectify the problem and, remembering that his Grandad had taught him many practical skills in the past, gave Mr Roberts a call immediately. Together the two undertook a renovation project, which entailed them measuring, sourcing and fitting new panels to the damaged property.

With the shed now looking as good as new and the garden blooming, Castell Alun was proud of their student’s initiative. Daniel humbly commented, “I only did what any other student at Castell Alun would have done. My Grandad is always there to help. We really value my school and I quite enjoyed the project really.” Mr Roberts added, “It was a pleasure to help and well done Daniel for getting stuck in when he was needed.”

The Castell Alun school garden was designed and built by Welsh Baccalaureate students 2 years ago and is maintained as part of the students’ studies. Asst. Headteacher, Mr Paul Edwards commented, “Our students put a lot of time and effort into preparing the garden area and Daniel simply felt he was continuing the efforts of many others, but his school and peers are proud of him and thankful to his Grandad.”

Castell Alun runs a great variety of extra curricular experiences for students of all ages. The school will also hold an Open Evening on Wednesday 5th October, starting at 6.30pm, during which presentations will be given by staff and students, and all areas of the school may be visited and opportunities for extra curricular activities discussed. There will be further options to see the school in session on the mornings of Thursday 6th and Friday 7th October. Please call 01978 760238 if you require further information.