Year 11 Assessments up to Easter

Please note that all students have been and will be informed of any assessments taking place in order to provide due time to prepare.

Subjects which do not appear on the list are not carrying out assessments before Easter, however all subjects are carrying out work in class which is building towards assessments and teachers will ensure students are clear on this. Assessments will continue after Easter and teachers will ensure that students are aware of when these will take place and what they will need to do in order to prepare.

Learning AreaSubjectDetails and Dates
EnglishEnglishOne writing assignment in class
Expressive ArtsDramaWed 17th March and either Tues 23rd / Wed 24th March
Expressive ArtsPETuesday 23rd and Thursday 24th March
Expressive ArtsBTECOn-going coursework
HumanitiesGeographyUnit 2 Q4 Opt B 18th March and Opt A & C 19th March
Unit 2 Q2 Opt B 24th March and Opt A & C 25th March
LanguagesFrenchW.B. 15/03 - Reading assessment, Listening assessment
W.B. 22/03 – Foundation Listening, Writing assessment
LanguagesWelshW.B. 15/03 – Mock exam split over 2/3 lessons
ScienceDouble and Separate AwardW.B. 15/03 – Thursday and Friday Chemistry
W.B. 22/03 – Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri – Physics and Biology
TechnologyFood ScienceShort test before Easter
TechnologyEngineering (City & Guilds)Practical assessment under teacher guidance

Assessments are now an ongoing part of lessons for Years 11, 12 and 13, though they do not form part of every lesson. Teachers in subjects will be gathering evidence to further support that which they already have, in order to provide students with their GCSE, AS and A Level grades. Students are made fully aware, and in good time, of when these assessments are taking place and are supported in their preparations. Whilst some will be taking place over the next two weeks, most will take place after the Easter break. Further details of these will be posted closer to the time.

Whilst some subjects are able to state the exact date when their assessments will take place, others, due to the nature of the subject and/or the assessment taking place, have provided a time frame. Regardless, students will be aware of exactly when these will take place in class. Any student who is entitled to additional provision during exams, for example extra time, will be accommodated for as part of the assessment.