Friday 11th October 2019

Our whole school assembly this week was on the theme of ‘Humility’, and we would like to thank Megan and Adam (Year 9) for reading so nicely.  Freddy (also Year 9) performed a fantastic version of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ on the piano, which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone in the hall.

On Tuesday evening a number of parents/carers of students in Year 7 joined us for our Reading Information Evening, and Miss Bateyand Mr. Ferrier presented very clearly the fact that strong reading skills underpin learning of all kinds.  All in attendance were givenmany hints and tips on the theme of how to encourage students to take pleasure in their reading using the Accelerated Reader programme.  Many thanks to everybody who attended and all staff involved in setting this session up.  If you would like further information on reading, please do contact the English Learning Area at school.

Today we are holding our Year 10 Health Day, and we are fortunate to have a number of speakers visiting the school to deliver session on a variety of relevant themes.  We are sure the high quality delivery and information imparted will assist our students through some of the challenges which they may face in the future.

In the sporting arena, our congratulations go to Becca (Sixth Form) who played for the Welsh U21s netball team last weekend at the European Championships, and won a silver medal.   Ruby (Year 8) has now been selected to represent Flintshire U14s and also the Cheshire County Netball Squad – great stuff Ruby!   Also, really well done to Lauren (Year 8) who is due to compete in the British Gymnastics Championships next April and who has recently had great success in regional competitions.  We mustn’t forget Mrs. Lloyd-Jones, who earned the Chester Triple Medal when shesuccessfully competed in the Metric Marathon last weekend.

May I please encourage you all to take a look at the recently updated CAFA web page.  Our faithful team of friends would like to invite you all to join us for their Festive Fair, and perhaps, participate in a trip to the Manchester Christmas Market this year. I can’t believe we are already considering Christmas, but it’s coming soon!

Looking to next week, on Monday we will hold our ‘ShwmaeSumae’ day and there will be all kinds of things going on around the school which support and encourage the development of the Welsh language and deepen our understanding of our country’s heritage.  I know that students are particularly looking forward to the Welsh Speaking Sweet Shop!

Although the weather isn’t fantastic at present, we plan to hold our Key Stage 3 Fun Run on Tuesday and Wednesday next week, with Year 7 and 9 participating on Tuesday and Year 8 students running around the field on Wednesday.

On Thursday 17th October we will, of course, hold our Year 11 Parents’ Evening, beginning at 4pm.  We hope that all parents/carers of students in Year 11 are able to join us for a short time on this evening, as this is the last formal face-to-face opportunity for teachers to give you insightful feedback on both areas of success and those which will assist in further improvements.

I do hope you have a lovely weekend.