Friday 13th July 2018

What a week it has been!

It all began with a wonderful Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Expedition last weekend, and we are pleased to report that greater numbers of students than ever before are now participating in such trips.

Our Year 10 students returned from France and have told us many great stories about their escapades. As we would anticipate, their behaviour and attitude were both outstanding throughout the trip and each student was treated to multiple wonderful cultural and general learning experiences. I would like to record my thanks to Mr. Paul Mann, who has led countless similar trips over the course of his career, as he reduces his working hours next academic year.

Despite departing at some unearthly hour on Friday last week, the Year 12 students on our Germany/Poland trip all returned safely and punctually on Wednesday evening. They tell us that their time was not only very enjoyable, but also deeply thought provoking and often very moving. Our thanks go to everybody

Also this week we trialled our first ever Castell Alun Variety Show. Lots of students showed their support in bringing items of all kinds, and it was wonderful to see children on stage who have never before experienced such a challenge. Everyone agreed that the atmosphere was magic! Miss Nesbitt is already planning another show for next year….. and we are already looking forward to it.

Our Year 10 GCSE Geographers complete their second day of field trips today. Such trips are meticulously well planned in order to give all students the maximum possible support in the pursuit of success in their examinations.

On the sporting front, our Year 8 and 10 Boys have once again had success at the Welsh Athletics School Championships. Although we eagerly await the ratified results, we are confident that some of our students have covered themselves in glory in achieving podium places in their disciplines. We have also sent a tennis trip to Wimbledon today and we hope that all participants have a great time.

On top of everything else this week, our school Sports Day proved to be a great occasion. The weather cooled down sufficiently for students to feel relaxed, and yet a number of long-standing records came tumbling! It was lovely to see Years 7 to 10 pushing themselves in various athletic disciplines and being supported by their peers and teachers so readily. Thanks to everybody who made this occasion so special.

And now, looking to next week, may I remind everyone that no study club buses will run. In September study club buses will run on Mondays and Thursday only.

Our Year 12 students will be out of school on work experience placements next week and on Monday Year 7 students will go on a trip to the Zoo. We have a broad variety of activities planned for Years 7 to 10 on both Monday and Tuesday. On Tuesday Year 8 students will be treated to a trip to either Manley Mere or Delamere Forest, as part of our Outdoor Adventurous Activities Programme. Normal curriculum will resume on Wednesday, with the exception of Year 7, who will have a school Eisteddfod during periods 2 and 3, after our final whole school assembly.

School will be open from 8am on Thursday 16th August for A and AS Level results, and again on Thursday 23rd August at 8am for Year 11 and 10am for Year 10 GCSE results .

It has been a highly eventful year, in no small part due to our very successful school inspection at the start of the Autumn term. We would like to thank students, staff, parents/carers and Governors for working together so effectively to make Castell Alun the place it is. I wish you all a long and happy summer break. It is now time for each of us to refuel so that we can achieve yet greater things together in September 2018.