Friday 14th June 2024


Prynhawn da,

We now have just five weeks to go until the end of the academic year and there is still much to do!

On Tuesday 25th June, we hold our New Intake Evening for parents/carers of current Year 6 students and are excited to meet you all. This is then followed by our New Intake Day, for Year 6 students, which is scheduled for Thursday 27th June. On this date we will get to know our new students and induct them gently into life at Castell Alun, our expectations, and the opportunities available to all, be that in lessons or extra-curricular activities.

Albeit advance notice, we are now advertising our musical production of ‘Matilda’ and tickets will be available from Monday onwards for the evenings of Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th July. The performance is scheduled to begin at 7pm, although doors will open at 6.30pm. We are very excited to see both the production and the developing skills of so many of our lower school children. Please be so good as to see the poster for further information.

PE activities sometimes have to take more of a back seat at this time of year due in part to examination rooming pressures. However, we are extremely keen to continue celebrating the successes of our students, whether in or outside of school. The Castell Alun Cheerleading Team performed brilliantly when they took part in the ‘Cheerfest’ competition at Deeside Leisure Centre against other Flintshire schools recently. Our students put on a fantastic show and fantastic performed some very accomplished aerial moves. We would like to congratulate every member of the squad for their great team work and being ambassadors for our school. Our students were clearly proud of their heritage and chanted regularly “C-A-S-T-Y, we are the best no lie!”. It is clear that everyone involved had a fantastic time. Di iawn to all!

Although the results have not yet been received by school, we would like to say a great big di iawn to all students who competed in the athletics meeting (NEWAA round) against Wrexham schools this week. There were a number of very strong performances and we look forward to hearing the final standings.

The examination period will only run for a few more days now and we can already see the relief on the faces of a number of our students as they count down their papers. However, please do remember that we are always here to listen and support if you have any concerns over this stressful period.


Have a lovely weekend.

Cael penwythnos hyfryd