Friday 14th May 2021

Despite the obvious spring showers, some much heavier than others, all students have managed to have time outside of the building during the school day over the last week.  We believe this is a healthy approach and continue to ask that all students bring their coat, at least until the weather settles down further.

Locally and nationally the pandemic appears to be relenting, but we are all taking a cautious approach and continuing with necessary mitigations, at least for the time being.  You will be aware that English schools are making the wearing of masks voluntary from next week onwards and we await further information on this matter from the scientific advisors who report to the Welsh Government.  We continue to recommend that all students take a lateral flow test twice a week, and anyone displaying symptoms should take a PCR test as soon as possible and not attend school at this time.

Big congratulations to Steph and Emily (both Year 11) who have just passed their Level 1 Tennis Coaching Award.  It may be a little early to dream of Wimbledon, but who knows what the future holds?

A good number of students in Years 7 and 8 have attended our extra-curricular programme this week.  There are still plenty of spaces available, but it was so great to see lots of students eagerly participating in the many different activities available.  Well done to everybody and in particular to our ‘Be Football Girls Ambassadors’, who have helped to coach the younger students recently.  Everybody has clearly had a great time!

We would like to say well done once again to our examination class students, who have acquitted themselves admirably during recent assessments, which now lead to the awarding of Centre Determined Grades.  The assessment process is nearly complete and we stand in awe of all the work that has gone into necessary preparations by both students and staff.  Well done everyone, and thank you.

This time of year we would normally be preparing to celebrate the end of statutory schooling with our Year 11 students and the final days of school also with our Year 13 students.  Occasions such as these are indeed a rite of passage to our children and it is a great shame that our plans will be different for the current academic year.

Please remind all students about CAFA’s Funniest/Cutest Pet competition.  The entry fee is £1 only and all competition details are available on Google Classroom.  It would be great to have an extensive gallery of entries.

Have a lovely weekend.