Friday 15th March 2019

This week our whole school assembly was held on Wednesday and was on the theme of ‘International Women’s Day’.  We were inspired by thought-provoking readings from Lois, Sophia, Julia and Grace (all Sixth Form).  A special thanks go to Kiara (Year 8) who sang a gorgeous rendition of ‘All of Me’.

What a busy week it’s been!  Students in Year 9 have been involved in a trip to the Law Courts, a visit to Hope Community Centre and they have also had their injections, expertly delivered by our school nurse Mrs. Sarah Wisbey and her team.  The students who participated in our Year 9 Dementia Awareness Project visited a number of elderly people at the Community Centre and it was really touching to see the mutual understanding, respect, fun and laughter which ensued.  There were many precious moments shared by all involved.

On Monday our GCSE music students had their performance examinations and, although we were not allowed to enter the exam room to listen, the sounds pervading our corridors were beautiful.  Well done everybody!

On Wednesday we were visited by a number of students from local primary schools, who engaged most enthusiastically in an English Language Workshop.  We are looking forward to you all joining us on a full time basis in the near future.

Our Dance department has been really busy. Students in the Sixth Form visited Theatre Clwyd on Thursday for a National Youth Dance Workshop and practical examinations are just around the corner.

Our Sixth Form Boys’ Football Team was unlucky against Emrys ap Iwan, Abergele, on Thursday, but put in a sterling performance in atrocious weather in the quarter finals of the Welsh Cup.  Hard luck lads and I hope you have dried out!

Today we are celebrating Comic Relief with a non-uniform day and a variety of cake sells and other activities.  We hope to raise a lot of money at lunchtime with a Sixth Form and staff bingo session…. which promises to be most entertaining!

As previously mentioned, Flintshire County Council is reviewing Post 16 (Sixth Form) transport arrangements from 2020 and consulting all interested parties.  If your son/daughter is likely to be affected by any proposed changes to current transport arrangements, or if you feel strongly about such matters, please do take a moment to respond to the Council directly by following these links< and  The closing date for all feedback is 5th April 2019.  Many thanks.

We are keen to support the Welsh Government initiative which seeks to promote a healthy diet for young people.  Please follow the link below if you would like to read a detailed leaflet on healthy eating in schools which is based upon the Nutritional Standards and Requirements document for students in Wales.

Many thanks to all parents/carers who have responded to the data update letter which we sent to you through the post last week.  Please note that there is no need to return the proforma if we currently hold the correct contact information for your household and thus no further changes are required.  Over the coming weeks we do hope to make good use of the ‘School Comms’ system and will begin to email you to notify everyone when key documents have been given to your son/daughter.  It is hoped that, eventually, we will be able to reduce the volume of paper letters we send out greatly and written communications will be predominantly via email, although this may well not be for some time yet.

Looking to next week, some students in Year 11 will have short catch-up sessions for their Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification and a number of Year 7 skiers will be treated to a trip to Chill Factore on Wednesday.  On Thursday, we will hold our Year 10 Parents’ Evening, commencing at 4pm and we look forward to meeting parents/carers and students at that event.

Irrespective of the predicted weather, I am sure we are all excited about the Rugby this weekend…. let’s hope we are all celebrating by Saturday evening!  Have a lovely weekend.