Friday 17th March 2023


Prynhawn Da

It feels like an age ago already, even though it was just last week, that we celebrated Dydd Gwyl Dewi Assembly.  We are very grateful for the excellent readings/reports brought by Ewan, Megan and Georgia (Year 11) and Harry and Olivia (Year 8).   A report on the Year 8 Glan Llyn trip informed us that students had a fantastic time, spending the first part of their morning combining their Cymraeg skills and scientific knowledge of fire triangles in a bushcraft workshop.   Students were tasked with the challenge of collecting items for a fire before lighting them!  The morning then continued with canoeing on Llyn Tegid. Students learned Geography terms in Cymraeg and gained a better understanding of the rain cycle. They then used their own Welsh communication skills whilst working together to be the first team to cross the lake.   The fun continued in the afternoon where students conquered the high ropes course, as well as the climbing wall. What an awesome experience!

Year 13 Business and vocational pathway students participated in a mock interview process with local businesses recently. Students were put through their paces and performed exceptionally well. The learners clearly demonstrated their confidence and enterprising talents.  We would particularly like to say a great big diolch to the following local business people who supported this fantastic day.

Paul Hughes – SHEQ Health and Safety Consultants

Peter Russell – Russell Taylor Group

Davinder Lotay – Altimex

Hayley Grey – West Cheshire and North Wales Chamber of Commerce

Claire Barton – Brownlow Furniture

Tom Langley – Cheshire College South & West

Abbey Price – ITAS

In further news from the School Library, the Blind Date Books were really popular with students and flew out of their wrapping paper!  Over seventy books were issued, giving students a fun way to read something they might not otherwise have chosen.  The Library is expecting lots of new titles in the next few days, many that have been requested by students.  We will keep you informed on our social media feeds and may we say a further ‘diolch’ to all students who recently participated in our World Book Day celebrations, making them a huge success.

Our Year 9 Germanists have been busy many biscuits following a German recipe.  Olivia and Sienna (Year 9) provided us with the following information:  “On Friday, March 3, our German lesson was unlike any we had previously. It was a hands-on lesson in which we baked some delicious cookies! We enjoyed baking as a class and having the chance to be independent and practical learners. The previous lesson on Wednesday was all about getting ready to bake. We reviewed the instructions and understood them in both English and German. We practised saying various types of ingredients and learned vocabulary specific to the recipe we followed.    As a class, baking the cookies was a lot of fun.  We think it is safe to say that baking was everyone’s favourite activity over writing!  Although the lesson flew by because we were all having so much fun, it was a great opportunity, and we are sure the majority would enjoy another lesson just like this one!  Even though learning German is always enjoyable, this will have made everyone’s enthusiasm even greater. We are all grateful to Miss Lumsdon for planning such a fantastic lesson” Members of the class were also presented with a Bakesliga award from Mr. Ellis for their efforts.

Performing Arts have started a new club after school on a Thursday for KS3 students.  Club members are looking for actors, dancers and backstage crew to help them put on a performance of ‘The Last Resort’.  The club takes place in Y Celtec, room 1-4 and everybody is welcome to come along and enjoy the fun together.  Continuing on a dramatic note our BTEC Performing Arts students will present their production, “Return to the Forbidden Planet”, on Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th March, at 6.30pm.  Doors open at 6pm and tickets are available at a cost of £5.  These can be purchased from school reception.  Please do come along and watch the talent on show, if you can make it.

Why not also come along and join our friends at CAFA for a family quiz on Thursday 30th March.  Mr. Kevin Davies will be the Quizmaster and the quiz will be held in the school hall, with doors opening at 6.30pm for a ‘quizzical’ start at 7pm.  The cost is £2 per participant or £10 for a team (maximum 6 people per team). There will be a bar and refreshments available, and you may purchase your tickets at

We have been informed that parents/carers across the nation are signing up to petition the government to abolish VAT on school uniform.  At present clothing for children aged 14 or older or those taller or larger than average is subject to a 20% VAT rate.  If you feel you would like to support the reduction of school uniform costs please follow the following link to sign the petition,2HDA,OPZK5,8HGU,1

One final reminder, its Mother’s Day on Sunday.  Have a lovely weekend!

Mwynhewch y penwythnos.