Friday 19th November 2021

We are thankful that the weather has been so good over the past week and that autumn has been kind to us in general as we have sought to provide outside time and space for all students, whilst admiring the progress of our new building and developments to the site.

Very recently three of our students, Louisa (Year 11) and Bella (Year 10) and Abbie (Year 8) participated in a TEDX public speaking event at Theatr Clwyd, Mold.  TED events are some of the most prestigious in the world of public speaking and the students were selected as finalists from across a large number of other schools.  The particular focus of this event, in the build-up to COP 26, was to allow young people to have their voices heard on environmental issues which matter to them. The event was hosted by Welsh presenter, Iolo Williams, and all three girls delivered outstanding and thought-provoking speeches. The passion of all 3 students when talking about the changes we, as a society, need to make in order to protect our planet, was absolutely incredible.  We could not be more proud of Bella, Louisa and Abbie and we are happy to announce their speeches will shortly be available on TED website.  Each of these students is an outstanding ambassador for Castell Alun and to record something like this on a personal CV will undoubtedly impress potential employers for many years to come.  Superb stuff girls!

[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”6_n2murdH44,0LsRfMEw7EE” ]

Inspired by the ‘Lanterns at Chester Zoo’ initiative, Haydn (Year 11) has developed his own ‘Bali Starling’ lantern figure which he has made out of galvanized wire for the support frame, old recycling bags as a cover for the lantern and the white feathers for the starling.  Hadyn’s lantern has about 100 ice-white Christmas lights inside and is controlled by means of a mechanical timer.  The finished product is simply stunning as you can see below and Haydn clearly has a bright future in the field of engineering.

Our friends at CAFA (Castell Alun Friends’ Association) are now running their weekly lottery again this year in support of our school.  We would dearly love everybody to participate, thank you so much to all those who have already got involved.  If you would like to buy some tickets or if you are just generally interested in this scheme please follow the link.

Today is Children in Need Day and each of our students has been encouraged to donate £1 for this worthy cause.  All students are out of school uniform today….. and clearly loving it… however, we would ask that everybody returns to normal school attire on Monday next week, please.

We have a budding TV star in our midst once again.  Congratulations and really well done to Aerona (Year 9), who now appears in the ‘Very’ Christmas advert on television.  Who knows where these things can lead, but we are all aware that some of the Hollywood greats began their careers in advertisements such as these.

School Cloud appointments are now available for our Year 12 virtual Parents’ Evening on Thursday 25th November.  We look forward to continuing to work in partnership with all parents/carers and Sixth Form students themselves as we support everyone in trying to achieve their potential in order that they can follow their dreams.

Have a really nice weekend.