Friday 30th April 2021

Although we saw some rain this week, we are grateful that students are still very keen to enjoy the fresh air during leisure time, even when temperatures are not as high as they have previously been.

We have now re-launched our extra-curricular programme and students have been made aware of the opportunities available during their registration time. Please follow this link to view provision over the coming weeks.

There is a great deal of impressive learning going on in the building throughout the week and it is most evident that students undertaking assessments in the upper and senior school are incredibly focussed and putting a great deal of effort into their studies. The Centre Determined Grades process is now fully underway and assessments will last approximately four more weeks. It is really important that any students who are experiencing difficulties feel able to talk to their teachers about any challenges over this time, and we will endeavour to do our best to support everyone throughout the process. We have just completed Assessment Point 1 in our schedule and information has been published to all parents concerned.

I hope you were able to view the short message I sent out on Wednesday, which referred to expected standards in school. If not it has been included here. I feel that the way we look says a good deal about our work ethic and readiness to learn. Thank you very much for your support in these matters.

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As you will doubtless be aware our new build is now developing at great speed. The flexibility and adaptability shown by all staff and students has been worthy of special praise as it is regularly necessary to reschedule rooms and routes, sometimes at short notice. This will indeed be the case for a number of weeks yet to come, and specifically when Willmott Dixon address the issue of the roof over the current music department and the refurbishment of the toilet blocks in the main building. We are in consultation with Flintshire Local Authority in order to minimise any detrimental effect on our school. These works are scheduled to begin in the final half term of this academic year, but their completion will also impact on the first half term in Autumn. If you get chance please take a moment to watch the short video included here which charts progress to date.

I hope you all enjoy the bank holiday weekend.