Friday 4th October 2019

Our main assembly this week was on the theme of ‘Our Planet’, and we gave great consideration to issues surrounding sustainability. Our fantastic readers were Pruthin and Amelie and we were treated to a beautiful violin solo from Hannah, which really helped to set the tone for the rest of the day. Our Eco Committee will meet again very soon in order to audit current school provision as we seek to look after our school, community and planet and play our part in ensuring that big businesses and governments around the world actually listen!

Thank you to all of our Governors and local business “Dragons” who spent time with us on Wednesday and listened to Year 13 Welsh Baccalaureate presentations. Our students pitched their ideas to their respective audiences in a highly professional manner, and it is beyond doubt that a number of them would give Lord Alan Sugar’s apprentices a serious run for their money!

On Thursday evening we held perhaps our busiest ever Open Evening, and certainly had greater numbers attending talks and presentations than ever before. It was a fantastic event and we received a tremendous amount of exceptionally positive feedback from guests. Many thanks to everybody who took the time to come and join us. Thanks also to the large number of people who visited school for our Open Morning today. We are truly fortunate to have so many families who really want to choose Castell Alun for their children.

Congratulations to Harvey of Year 9 who has been crowned Northern Area Rookie Champion in his motocross class. Next year he will complete in the school boy nationals against the best riders in the country. Also, a big well done to Charlotte in Year 10 who, last weekend, won a silver medal and four gold medals at her swimming club championships.

We wish all of our students well for the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Practice Expedition this weekend and we are really happy to hear that the potential storm previously forecast has now chosen a different path and should have no impact on our area of the country. Have a great time everybody. We are sure you will have lots of fun and represent our school brilliantly!

Looking forward to next week, we are will hold our Year 7 Reading Information Evening for parents and carers on Tuesday at 6.30pm in the school hall. Our English department will give information and tips to help you support your children in improving their reading skills. The ability to read well is fundamental to success in all areas of the curriculum, and, of course, can also bring a great deal of pleasure and relaxation in life beyond the classroom. The evening promises to be very interesting and informative, so please do join us if you are able.

On Friday our Year 10 students will be off timetable in order to participate in our Year 10 Health Day. Although some potentially sensitive issues will be presented and discussed, we do feel that students who attend such events are enabled to make wise choices for the future in order to ensure both their own well-being and that of people around them. Parents/Carers of students in Year 10 have received communication with regard to the specific content of the day.

Have a lovely weekend.