Friday 6th November 2020

Next week sees the much anticipated return to school of all year groups, and perhaps most especially our Sixth Form, who have been off the premises now for far too long. In line with government and TTP guidelines, Years 12 and 13 have been absent from the building since well before half term, which is not ideal for anyone.

In attempting to avoid another potential scenario of the entire Sixth Form cohort having to isolate again, new measures have been put in place for Years 12 and 13 in order to keep them in their own separate contact groups when in school. Whilst it has been extremely challenging to accommodate the logistics of keeping the two year groups apart, given the nature and makeup of our Sixth Form community, we have consulted with employees of TTP and hope our actions will serve to avoid a similar situation occurring in the future. Measures taken include partitioning off sections of the Common Room and strictly apportioning the two existing main areas of study to create designated sections for each Year Group. Breaks and lunchtimes will be taken at entirely separate times and an enhanced cleaning regime will be put in place so that all students still wishing to take lunch in the Sixth Form area may do so. Students will be made fully aware of the changes in place upon their return and will be expected to adhere to the detailed protocols put in place at all times. Although we cannot guarantee the desired results, we are told that these measures should help greatly.

For many students in Years 9-13 it has been a trying time being away from school at varied but nevertheless important stages in their own educational journeys, however we are all both proud and impressed by how well our students have handled the situation and continued with both determination and purpose with their studies through the school’s Blended Learning programme. Really well done everyone! It will be so good to have you all back in classrooms very soon now.

Black History Month

October was Black History month and in acknowledgement of the occasion the History department set a series of activities for students to find out more. As always there was a fantastic effort from our learners and many outstanding pieces of work were submitted, illustrating their knowledge of, and interest in, the topic.

Year 8 were asked to research and present a piece of work on an individual from the BAME community who has made a positive contribution to Britain. The significant individual could be from any period in time and the only criteria was that students had to include details of their life and achievements together with an explanation of why they were significant. The research and information presented was fascinating, as were the many creative ways some of the students found to present their findings. In particular Aerona, Alicia, Chloe, Emily, Freya, Jacob and Lewis from 8E, Jessica, Matilda and Zack from 8 O and Sarah and Joseph from 8U all submitted work of the highest standard. Fantastic job everyone! Some of these examples are included here:

(Poster on Samuel Coleridge-Taylor by Jessica 8 O, Poster on Paul Stephenson by Emily 8E, Powerpoint on Lenny Henry by Chloe 8E) 

Kier Construction Project


The Kier Construction project is designed to give young people an awareness of roles in the construction sector and the first phase of this was recently completed by students here at Castell Alun. The project allows students to experience real-life problems and to generate their own solutions in a discovery learning environment. The project is designed to develop employability skills and, through direct contact with the employer, provide an opportunity to understand better the types of jobs available within the construction industry. It is also a brilliant opportunity for students of technology and computer-aided design to connect with the industries which have difficulties filling vacancies.

The first session of the project focused on understanding the different roles that are involved in demolition planning and the knowledge, skills and behaviours required. Students were provided with the opportunity to think about the aspects they would need to consider when demolishing a building, using the demolition of the County Hall site in Mold as an example. Unfortunately, due to COVID, students have so far only been able to complete the first session, and the planned site tour had to be replaced by a virtual one instead. It is hoped that the project will be able to continue in the near future, where the next stage of the project will include the creation of 3D models, planning and preparation. Massive thanks and appreciation must go to Kier Construction for investing their time and expertise with our students and for working with us here at Castell Alun as a pilot school for the scheme. Congratulations and well done also to those students who took part.

Castell Alun Friends’ Association

We’d like to draw your attention to this year’s Castell Alun Friends’ Association ‘Big PTA Raffle’. Amongst their other wonderful works for the school, CAFA raise funds which then go back into the school for the benefit of our students directly, for example by helping fund the purchase of the school minibus. This is therefore another great opportunity to help raise funds for the school.

Tickets cost £3 and the top prize is £5000. If you would like to show your support and potentially win a prize, then please visit and search for Castell Alun High School in the final menu, after indicating how many tickets you want to purchase.

The closing date for buying tickets is the 7th December 2020. Your support would be so much appreciated……and who knows, somebody could get a wonderful extra Christmas present also!

Thank you for your patience during the lock-down period. I hope the coming weeks bring a little more freedom, but in a safe manner of course, for everyone.

Have a nice weekend.