Friday 7th February 2020

Our Main Assembly this week was on the theme of Safer Internet Day, and was led by Year 9. Well done to Annabel for her excellent reading, and congratulations to Caitlin and Georgia (both Year 8) for their wonderful vocal duet. Safer Internet Day itself actually falls on 11th February, and the day aims to inspire a national conversation about using technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively. Coordinated in the UK by the UK Safer Internet Centre the celebration sees hundreds of organisations get involved to help promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for children and young people. As a faithful supporter of this event and the vital message it carries, we will be celebrating the occasion with themed ICT lessons, registration activities and the return of the infamous MEME competition! Over the next few Blogs I’ll remind you of some of our award winning MEMEs from last year. We invite parents and carers to find out more about Safer Internet Day as well as gleaning relevant tips, advice and guidance using the link below:

With just 1 more week to go until half term now we are all focused on studies in school, and a large number of exam class students are in the process of developing revision schedules for the coming weeks. There are numerous resources available on Google Classroom, the school website and the internet in general in order to assist with this, but if any students have concerns with regard to planning their work programme on the lead-up to exams, please do encourage them to come and have a chat with their class teacher or group tutor. We are all eager to help! We’ve been there ourselves and know it can be a challenging time.

On Tuesday this week our Year 11 GCSE PE students had their mock practical exam and confidence is high for great results in the real thing early in March. Further on the sporting theme, what a great performance from our Year 7 lads, who have narrowly missed qualification for the Wales Football Cup Semi Finals, but were a real credit to our school in the way they played. Hard luck also to our Sixth Form Girls Netball Team who just missed making it through to the next round of the President’s Cup, but well done everyone for getting this far! We’re really proud of you. Also on Tuesday we held a really informative evening for everyone involved in our annual ski trip early in April.

In further sporting news, well done to Alesha and Sophie (Year 11) and Abi and Poppy (Year 10), who each represented North East Wales in the Netball Intercounties Series on Saturday. I’m told that the girls played to a tremendous standard. Lily (Year 12) deserves special praise also, as she has gained a place in the Under 21 Netball North Wales Talent Centre. Next stop the national team then Lily?

We have a great deal of talent in all areas of the school at Castell Alun , and this week we want to celebrate the artistic prowess of Ruby (Year 13), who has been asked to exhibit her A level Art work at the regional arts centre in Theatr Clwyd from February 13th for all to see. Ruby’s impressive skills have been noticed on previous occasions and by experts in the field also!

Starting today, and running into next week for some students, each Year 9 Tutor Group will attend a ‘Consent Workshop’, run by professionals from Flintshire County. Each session will last 2 hours and will be uncompromising in putting across messages relevant to our young people. We are truly grateful to all those who contribute to such sessions, and we endeavor to ensure that our pastoral programme is pertinent and supportive in every way possible.

On Friday next week our Year 12 students will perform presentations to members of the Governing Body and representatives from Marks & Spencer, in order to be measured against the success criteria for their Welsh Bacc. Enterprise Challenge. Furthermore, on Tuesday 25th February, our Year 12 students will spend the morning receiving guidance on the development of their Welsh Bacc. Individual Research Projects. The IRP forms a vital part of the overall Welsh Bacc. Advanced qualification, and countless students have been enabled to attend their first choice universities, or move seamlessly into their desired vocations, as a direct result of the endeavour they have put into their Sixth Form Welsh Bacc. studies.

Have a lovely weekend.