Friday 7th June 2019

There is, once again, a real buzz about the place now that we are back after half-term, even though some exam class students are currently off on exam leave. I am pleased to report that external examinations are going very well and our students are a credit to both you and our school.

Over the holidays a large group of Year 8 students went on the Sports’ Trip to Venice. Everybody had a lot of fun and, as with all trips, our students have had experiences which they will remember for a long time. Although we didn’t win the football and netball competitions, a healthy level of participation meant that the school was well represented. Thank-you to all the staff who gave freely of their own time to accompany the trip.

We constantly endeavour to enrich our students’ experience with extra opportunities, and over the last few days a group of students in Year 10 attended Cardiff University for an extension activity and some Year 9 students were treated to a day in and Erddig Woodland Classroom.

Well done to Maisie (Year 7) who competed in Cardiff in the National Urdd Eisteddfod over half term, and we are pleased to announce that Maisie and her dance team won first place in the competition. Some of you will probably see the girls soon on S4C.

Next week we welcome Year 12 back to school after their AS examinations. It will be great to see everyone again and we have a programme of university visits and talks scheduled, and students will spend Thursday working on Welsh Baccalaureate activities also.

There are some sports competitions coming up in the near future and we will keep you across all successes in those events as they happen.

In the near future I will be writing to you to explain our new on-line payments system, part of ‘School Gateway’ and we hope to be able to phase this in over the coming weeks. On-line payment will not be the only means of making payments to school, but it is hoped that, over time, the use of this system will make life easier for you and indeed render school processes even more efficient.

It looks like a rainy weekend, but I hope you have a really nice one nevertheless.