Friday 7th June 2024


Bore da,

As we complete the first week after half term, school remains a very busy place and our public examination season is now half complete. We are pleased to be able to report that students are sufficiently punctual for their examinations and that levels of stress are being managed by both the student population, their families and school staff. However, please do remember that if you need to speak to us about any issues, you can do so by calling school.
Despite the fact that summer has not yet arrived properly, if anyone has visited the campus recently they will have seen the plants growing between the two doors in reception. Our KS3 pastoral group’s greenhouse is blooming, and we would like to say a great big diolch to CAFA who have granted funding to expand our school nursery. Students have big plans for this nursery and intend to transplant some of their seedlings into the garden area at the back of school soon.
We are very pleased to inform you that a number of our Key Stage 3 students are working hard in rehearsals ready for the Lower School production of ‘Matilda Jr’ on Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th July, 2024. We will place tickets for these performances on sale in the near future but just wanted to remind everybody that the show is highly suitable for ‘Revolting Children’ and adults alike!
In addition we would love to plug CAFA’s Grand Summer Raffle and would ask for your help and support in doing this. Friends of the school who own a business could perhaps offer a prize, or indeed anyone who works for a company or organisation could perhaps ask if a prize could be donated to the school in support of the cause. Furthermore, individuals are of course welcome to donate a prize, be it large or small, and every offering will be most gratefully received. All donations can be made by emailing CAFA at and any necessary collection details can be requested online also. If it is helpful you may also drop any potential prizes off at our school reception but we would ask you do to this by the close of 14th June in order that all arrangements can be made for the raffle itself which will take place on the 12th July. Diolch yn fawr.
We are very grateful to Year 8 students’ parents and guardians who attended school yesterday evening for our Parents’ Evening. We certainly do not underestimate the necessity for excellent working partnerships between staff and home and these are particularly beneficial when it comes to ensuring that we get the best out of and for our students. It was lovely to talk with so many of you and we are extremely fortunate to be so well supported as a school.
Thank you for taking the time to read our Blog and please do keep letting us know of any student successes as they happen outside school. There will be more information again next week!

Have a nice weekend/ Cael penwythnos braf