Friday 7th October 2022

Good afternoon / Prynhawn Da

It was lovely to see a number of Year 10 families yesterday for our Information Evening and everybody present seemed to agree that it was a worthwhile occasion and a good deal of meaningful information had been received.  Diolch to all families and staff who were involved in the event.

We held a fire drill on Tuesday this week and are pleased to report that the evacuation of the building went smoothly and the weather held sufficiently for us to return to school before the heavens opened!

Year 7 students had a great day yesterday, browsing through a fantastic selection of books provided by Mold Bookshop.  Each student had the opportunity to exchange their £7 book token for a book of their choice.  Year 8 and 9 will be the next to receive tokens as part of the Welsh Government’s ‘Love Reading’ project.

There is a good deal of scientific evidence that reading can both stimulate and relax a person and we are thrilled  that all Key Stage 3 students will have the opportunity to pick up a new book and further develop this vital skill for life, which will assist them in so many ways.

A number of our Key Stage 4 and 5 students enjoyed a visit to the Theatre yesterday evening.  Experiences such as these really do enrich our curriculum, and Othello is of course one of the classic pieces.

Congratulations to Mr. Murray Crow, Mrs. Barbara Jones and Mrs. Colette Fletcher who were successful in the recent parent governor elections.  Many thanks indeed to all those who nominated themselves and participated in the vote.  Our governors play an absolutely essential role in the life and running of our school and we are extremely grateful for the time and effort that they put in to serve our Castell Alun community.

This year we continue with our partner school project in France.  A number of students have now prepared an introductory card, telling a potential pen-pal all about themselves using the foreign language and the excitement continues to build about what our students will receive in return.

The Castell Alun Friends Association (CAFA) will hold their AGM on Thursday 15th November at 6.30pm in school.  Anybody interested in attending, or perhaps even joining CAFA, would be most welcome indeed.  CAFA helps raise funds which help support students in a variety of ways.  One such way is through the lottery with weekly draws and indeed entry into a national weekly draw also which could win one lucky person £25,000.  As an advance notice, please be aware that CAFA will hold a fashion show in school on Friday 25th November and tickets will be priced at £3 each – more details will follow in due course.

On Thursday next week at 5.30pm school will be open for a Duke of Edinburgh information evening for anyone interested in participating in this exciting scheme.  Please feel free to come along and have a look.

On Friday 14th October we will celebrate Shwmae Sumae day and all students are invited to attend school wearing something red, white or green.  There is no cost for the day and there will be a variety of welsh activities running for all students and staff.  We are very keen for everyone to enjoy the event and to be proud of their welsh heritage.

In sporting news a big well done to the Year 8 Boys’ Football team who won their first game of the Welsh Cup against Bryn Hyfryd 4-0 this week.  Congratulations also to students in Year 8 who participated in the XC Run and are leading the way in demonstrating to all the importance of healthy bodies and positive mind sets.  In addition we are very proud of our Year 9 Rugby squad who scored seven tries in an amazing performance as they beat Mold Alun this week.

Have a lovely weekend – mwynhewch y penwythnos!