Friday 9th September 2016

Our 213 Year 7 students have settled in brilliantly and are making an excellent first impression at Castell Alun. Over 170 students have joined Year 12 giving us a Sixth Form population of over 300.

I am absolutely delighted with the results this summer which were in many ways our best ever. A record 55 Year 11 students gained 5 or more A/A* grades including English and Maths. I’d be very surprised indeed if many other schools in Wales had this number of exceptional academic students.

I am also incredibly proud of the large number of students who have got jobs, apprenticeships and entry onto college and university courses. We wish them all well for the future.

Our Maths, English and overall outcomes at GCSE were also our best ever and place us amongst the very highest performing schools in the country. Well done everyone.

I know it has been a busy summer for our students with many enjoying success in sport, music and other events and competitions. We very much look forward to hearing about these activities and celebrating them in school.

Our year 12 students completed their Work Experience during the summer. The placements attended ranged from local industry, retail and education to the Welsh Mountain Zoo in Colwyn Bay and working in the legal department with Liverpool City Council. Judging by the feedback received, the students gained a positive look at the world of work and were a credit to themselves and the school. Some of the comments received so far:

“It has been a pleasure having Georgia working in our office for a week. She would be welcome anytime”
“Jack demonstrated how mature he is and how interested in the placement he was. You could really tell how enthusiastic he is about a career in law”
“Robyn was a real pleasure to work with and her enthusiasm was a breath of fresh air”

One international company, based in Wrexham, was so impressed with a Year 13 student working with them in July, they invited him back during the school holidays. The school is pleased to be able to help the students facilitate these opportunities but it would not be possible without the support and willingness of so many local establishments who give their time and expertise to encourage these young adults on their journey into future employment.