Sixth Form – Facilities

The Sixth Form is housed in a separate part of the school adjacent to the main school building.

Here there are study areas for both Years 12 and 13 as well as a Common Room. There is also a Silent Study Room for those students who don’t need to network when involved in independent study.

Students leave the Sixth Form area for their lessons to go into the main body of the school.

IT facilities are plentiful and Year 12 is supervised study whilst Year 13 study is a step towards even more independence.

The Sixth Form experience is enhanced by daily contact with a group tutor.

This teacher will be your immediate pastoral and academic mentor and will be able to support, advise and guide students at the relevant times.

There are currently 12 tutor groups in the Sixth Form. These tutor groups are chosen to represent a cross-section of subjects studied and are complemented by direct access to the Director of Sixth Form studies and the Assistant Director.