Sixth Form – Y Chweched Dosbarth

Thank you for your interest in joining our Sixth Form at Castell Alun.

These pages will hopefully give you a flavour of life here and a clear understanding of the courses we offer and where they could lead. We pride ourselves on the quality of our teaching, our outcomes, and perhaps just as importantly our care, support and guidance for students throughout their post 16 education. As part of a large, happy and close knit community, our Sixth Form students work very hard academically but also enjoy a tremendous range of other opportunities including, trips, charity work, work experience, competitions and social events. A great majority of our Sixth Form students go on to study at the university of their choice with some students opting for apprenticeships, employment or college courses. We are very proud of our reputation and the academic and personal success of our students over the years. We value every student highly and aim to provide the best possible support and guidance in helping every learner to maximise his or her potential. In 2018, one hundred and twelve of our students went on to Higher Education with forty nine of these heading off to ‘Russell Group’ universities.

The Sixth Form webpages are designed to inform you as much as possible about the ‘Castell Alun experience’.

The next step in your education is an important one and you need to be informed, reassured and aware of the implications for your future.

The option lines are designed to cater for all future possibilities. We believe the combinations are relevant to students’ future needs. Whilst they are provisional we do not expect sweeping changes. We will be able to talk to those students who have a clash of subjects and advise them accordingly. Please use these webpages to inform you of your possible future options. It should be used in conjunction with the Sixth Form Prospectus, Open Evening, individual interviews and Subject Guides.

Do not hesitate to ask for further clarification on any issues you may feel relevant.

"I enjoy being a part of Castell Alun Sixth Form because..."

"I enjoy being a part of Castell Alun Sixth Form because..."

“The teachers are really supportive and helpful. Everyone makes you feel

“A very welcoming school with a variety of different subjects to study. I am very glad I chose this school, I am very happy here.”

“The teachers provide a loving and caring environment in which to learn.”

“The teachers are really enthusiastic about their subjects and are always willing to help no matter what the problem is”.