New Year 7 Students at Castell Alun High School have been visited by the Gideons and each student was given a copy of the New Testament. Each year the Gideons visit thousands of British secondary schools and gatherings of university and college students, along with making personal presentations to medical personnel and uniformed services. The 215 Castell Alun Year […]

Gideons Visit School

A Castell Alun Year 9 Girls’ Team has won a prestigious ‘Most Innovative Project’ award from Airbus. The competition was the culmination of ten weeks of hard work for the students, who had the project remit of redesigning part of the school premises in order to render it more efficient and environmentally friendly. The final day of the competition was hosted on the Airbus […]

Airbus Project Win

Written by the 7E tutor group During last term, Year 7 students had the opportunity to engage in some outdoor learning, with many attending a residential at Nant BH Education Centre. During the three days, the hills of the Conwy Valley certainly became alive despite the snow and rain, and lack of sleep in some cases, however it did provide […]

“The Hills are Alive…” with the Sound of Year 7!