The Parents’ Guide National Publication

The Parents’ Guide National Publication

Hello all,

We’re racing toward the end of the autumn term and, with many schools closing early, there’s still lots to do but even less time to do it! To end the year, we’ve created a brief highlight of reminders your parents might find useful ahead of school breaking up.

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Teens and Christmas bubbles (applies all teenagers)

Special rules regarding socialising apply from 23-27 December allowing up to three households to get together and celebrate the holiday. Everyone across the UK should abide by these rules as they are the law. For teens whose parents are separated an exception applies: they can be part of each of their parents’ different Christmas bubbles and spend time with both families.

Full details of the Government’s guidance is here.

Looking back on 2020 and looking forward to 2021 (applies all teenagers)

For many teens, 2020 has been an extremely disappointing year in a number of ways. Worse still, the prospects for 2021 being better don’t look imminently promising. This can have a very negative effect on their wellbeing and mental health. We can’t change the situation, but we can change the way we look at it. Parents might find our article on “reframing” 2020 useful – it sets out how to help teens identify and focus on the positive parts of 2020, enabling them to increase their mental resilience.

A powerful way to improve your child’s mental health – free download


25 days to improved wellbeing (applies all teenagers)

In case you missed our 50-day wellbeing challenge, we’ve created a 25-day version to inspire students to think about their mental and physical wellbeing through to Christmas. Great to do either at home or at school.

25 days to improved wellbeing – holiday edition – free download

Teens and entrepreneurship (applies all teenagers)

Given social restrictions, most teens have extra time at the moment. The holidays could prove a great time for them to experiment with starting their own business – if they haven’t already! We’ve outlined some things that might be interesting to them and given parents indicators on how pursuing these interests can help their children develop 12 key soft skills interviewers are looking for, so could help set them up well for future job or further education applications.

Why starting a business now can help your teen develop the key 12 transferable skills – free download.

How parents can support their teens’ studying at home (applies Y10-Y13)

Schools may not be closed, but inevitably teens are missing out on yet more school time this year with extended holiday periods, reduced co-curricular activity and home isolating to protect them in the event of school Covid outbreaks. Students need to find effective ways of studying at home that suit them if they are going to achieve their potential within the 2020/2021 academic year. More than ever, they need parental support in providing an appropriate homelife to put them on the right track. Parents will find our guides, including five simple things they can do at home to make it the best possible environment to support their teen with their studies, essential reading.

The Parents’ Guide to Study and Exam Revision for GCSEs

The Parents’ Guide to Study and Exam Revision for sixth form

Preparing to apply to university (applies Y13)

On 20 November, there was welcome news from the University of Birmingham (and subsequently some other universities) that they would reduce their entry requirements by one grade in recognition of the disruption Year 13 has faced during their sixth form studies.

With 15 January 2021 rapidly approaching, it’s important students wishing to apply to university decide on their first and second choices, whether differing entry requirements may impact these choices, as well as finalising their personal statements over the holiday. Parents might find The Parents Guide to University helpful in supporting their children with these decisions and our free parent guide to personal statements and personal statement mind map are great step-by-step guides to ensure students include everything that helps them stand out from others in their personal statements.

Apprenticeships (applies Y11 and Y13)

University isn’t for everyone, and there are lots of fabulous opportunities through apprenticeship schemes. The Parents Guide to Apprenticeships gives detailed information about what’s on offer, what qualifications can be achieved and the pros and cons of taking the apprenticeship route.

Our design services (for schools)

If you like our guides and would to personalise them with your school logo and bespoke welcome pages to give them to your parents free of charge, do get in touch.

Our free Christmas gift for you.

Awareness days, weeks and months are often an excellent opportunity to write to parents, whether in a newsletter, social media post or blog with timely, relevant content that can be planned well in advance.  We’ve created a 2021 calendar just for you!

Download our free Awareness day and events calendar for 2021.

We’ll see you in 2021!

We wish you a happy December, a relaxing holiday and all the very best for the New Year.

In the meantime, if there’s anything in particular you’d like us to cover ahead of our next newsletter for January 2021, send an email to and we’ll try to help where we can.

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