Global Citizenship Day 2014

Global Citizenship Day 2014Global citizenship Days for Year 8 and 9 were a success. Students took part in different workshops around the school, such as Maths around the world, the French speaking world and Dances from different cultures.

The journalism workshop on fair play and foul, provided students with an opportunity to produce the front page of a newspaper on the winners and losers of the Brazil Football World Cup 2014. Extremes of wealth and poverty were investigated and students saw the world cup from a different angle and learnt some shocking facts, for example, top players get £300,000 per week whilst a young boy in Pakistan who spends most of the day sewing a football gets just 20p.

Four groups of students got to learn about how to become more politically active. They looked at the ways in which the CND pressure group promote their ideas. The workshop allowed students to design their own pressure groups which varied from a skate park in Hope to reducing poverty around the world. The group work gave an opportunity to develop communication and presentation skills. The activities drew links between all humanities subjects and will form the basis of future activities with the Humanities Learning Area.

The art workshops created colourful weavings and large paper installations using recycled materials such as the yellow pages and fruit nets. The art work was based on the Nigerian born artist Nnenna Okore. Recycling materials is part of everyday life in Nigeria and Nnenna writes that “ …Reclaiming recycled materials became a huge part of my work- Reclaiming, reforming, reconditioning, reconstructing what was no longer considered useful. I was trying to find meaning to them, to find ways to give them value”, check out the art work displayed around the school.

By Miss C Edwards