Ski Trip 2014

The Unofficial Diary of a School Ski Trip 2014


Friday 21st February to Saturday 22nd February

A clear, crisp morning at Castell Alun High School and 43 students and 6 staff board the coach ready for the ski adventure ahead.

Ski Trip 2014

Students and staff on the annual Ski Trip.

The 27- hour journey to Amade in Austria was indeed gruelling but not without its highlights. Mr Swale was our entertainments manager and provided us with games, the first being ‘pass the parcel’ with prizes consisting of delicious sugary treats or for the more unfortunate ‘winners’, an item of fancy dress that was required to be worn for the duration of the journey. We arrived late in the afternoon on the Saturday and it was straight to the ski shop for ‘Ski Fit’. When we were all kitted out we returned to the hotel for our evening meal and quiz night. Mrs Lloyd-Jones was hopeless and only good for being the scribe, Mr. Swale’s team cheated in the music round and Miss Edwards was a fierce competitor against all the teachers.

Sunday 23rd February

At 7.00am prompt, Mrs Lloyd-Jones did her early morning wake-up call. We stumbled out of bed and got ourselves ready for the first day of skiing. There was nervous excitement as we boarded the coach and made our way up to the ski resort, but once we got into our ability groups and with our skis on, our nervousness disappeared and determination to improve our skiing technique took hold. For some a greater level of determination was needed than others as just standing on the skis proved a near impossible challenge, but nevertheless, standing or falling, we all had fun. The day’s skiing was followed by a trip to the swimming pool, but this was no ordinary swimming pool, it had slides: one entitled the ‘black hole’ and another that contained a 360 degree loop! There was a heated outdoor pool as well as indoor pool, wave machine, diving boards and Jacuzzi, too. A great night to finish our first day of skiing.

Monday 24th February to Thursday 27th February

The beginners slowly learned to stay on their feet, the intermediates gained confidence in stopping without falling over and the ‘experts’ remembered skills they’d learned before and improved on them. The instructors persevered and by Thursday everyone had mastered at least a blue slope, with most having progressed onto the more difficult reds. Every evening there was a different form of entertainment. On the Monday there was an outing to a ski show, where we witnessed a bizarre amalgamation of displays that included an old fashioned routine of Austrian skiers dressed in period costume, motorbikes bombing it up and down the piste, snow ploughs moving in formation and accomplished skiers and snowboarders demonstrating their talents. The Tuesday evening was spent bowling and the Wednesday was a night of sheer hilarity with a fancy dress games night.

Friday 28th February to Saturday 1st March.

The final diary entry. The only thing that lightened the depressed mood, knowing that this would be our last day of skiing, was the ridiculous boxer shorts which we wore over our salopettes. On the coach journey home, the teachers managed to raise our spirits by presenting us all with awards for our accomplishments over the week. Amazingly, the time passed quite quickly and we arrived safely back to our waiting families, tired, happy and full of our experiences to tell.

(Written by Erin, Year 10)

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