VOE 2021 Admission Information


You can apply for a school place now on the Flintshire website, www.flintshire.gov.uk/schooladmissions. If you do not already have a “MyAccount”, you will need to set one up and then register your details again in order to complete an application form. Guidance is provided on the web pages, along with the “Guide to Education Services 2022” which you are strongly advised to read before completing your application. The Guide sets out the oversubscription criteria which will be used to decide who will be offered places if a school is oversubscribed.

You should apply to Flintshire if you are a Flintshire resident and/or your child currently attends a Flintshire primary school. If you are a resident for example in Wrexham or Denbighshire you should apply using their application forms even if you are applying for a Flintshire school as information will be shared between the local authorities where necessary. Please note however even if you are resident in Flintshire and/or your child attends a Flintshire school, if you wish to apply for a school in Cheshire West and Chester, you must use their application form as we are unable to process applications for schools in Cheshire West and Chester.

The closing date for completed applications is 5th November 2021.  Applications MUST be submitted by this date otherwise there is less chance that we will be able to allocate a place at the preferred school.

Parents are strongly advised to express more than one preference. They must be listed in a preferred order. Only the highest preference that can be met will be used to offer a place. Listing the same school multiple times does not result in a better chance of being offered that school.

You will be informed of the outcome of your application by email on 1st March 2022.

Please note that admission to a school does not necessarily mean that your child will be eligible for free school transport – this is a separate process. If your child is not allocated a place at your nearest suitable school, Flintshire County Council has no legal responsibility to provide transport to your allocated school. Even if you are willing to pay for a seat, we cannot guarantee that a bus will be available or that a public service will operate on the route required, even if this is the case at the moment. If a school other than the nearest suitable school has been allocated, then it will be your responsibility to ensure your child gets to and from school each day. If you need to check which is your nearest school, please email the Admissions Team, contacts below. For further information, please see the transport policy on the website (www.flintshire.gov.uk/schooltransport).

Contacts for further information:

Secondary admissions: natalie.summers@flintshire.gov.uk

Primary admissions: sharon.wainwright@flintshire.gov.uk