VOE 2021 – School Transportation Information

Home to School Transport

Parents attending open evenings for secondary schools will need to ensure that they understand the information contained within this document regarding the eligibility criteria and application process for home to school transport. Parents need to consider how to get their child/children to and from school when making preferences.

  • Free school transport is normally only provided to the nearest suitable secondary school if it is more than 3 miles from the home address (please see “Home to School Transport Policy” for full details).
  • Parents have the right to express a preference for admission of their child to any school. If the application is accepted, the parent loses their right to apply for free transport if it is not their nearest suitable school, unless they meet any of the other criteria detailed in the transport policy.

In accordance with the definition of the Council’s transport policy, the nearest suitable school is:

“Deemed to be the nearest school, which provides education for the relevant age and ability of a pupil, the nearest Welsh medium school or the nearest Voluntary school”.

It does not take into account any other factors, such as Estyn Reports, Key Stage outcomes, etc. Parents may express a preference for any school and, if there is a space available, it must be given.

  • Where a pupil attends, as a result of parental preference, a school other than the nearest suitable school as recognised by Flintshire County Council, it must be understood that parents accept full responsibility for transport costs and transport arrangements.


  • Parents are advised not to base their parental preference on the availability of a public transport route, as the service or capacity cannot be guaranteed and may not be within the control of the Local Authority.

The Council uses a Geographical Information System (GIS) to calculate the shortest home to school distance in miles. This is integrated into the Capita ONE software, which is used by the Council for Home to School Transport.  The coordinates of an applicant’s home address are determined using the Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG) and Ordnance Survey (OS) Address Point Data. The starting point for a route assessment is determined as the nearest point on the walking route network from the pupil’s address (usually the main entrance to the property), to the centre point of the school building. Please note that the network is updated annually.  Should a shorter walking route be made available following an update to the system, transport will not be granted.

 It is the parents’ responsibility to check that their child is attending their nearest suitable school. 

 Should schools or parents have any queries they can contact the Integrated Transport Unit by email at:  school.transport@flintshire.gov.uk

Other Transport Provision

Free transport is also provided for pupils of statutory school age:

  • where a child whose parents are in receipt of Income Support or Working Tax Credit, reside more than 5 miles from the nearest appropriate school;
  • to the nearest Welsh-medium school under the criteria identified above;
  • to the nearest voluntary aided school where the admission to the school is on denominational grounds, subject to the distance Consultation with individual schools will take place to confirm the oversubscription criteria under which pupils are admitted. Suitable evidence of adherence to the faith of the school such as a baptismal certificate or a letter from a priest is required.

The school transport application process for September 2022 will be available online from February 2022 and further information will be communicated to parents via the school.