Sixth Form

Sixth Form

Sixth Form: About Us

Castell Alun is a school with a Sixth Form or if you prefer a Sixth Form attached to a school. This enables Sixth Form students to enhance their extra-curricular activities by participating in numerous activities giving them valuable experiences within and outside of the classroom.

Sixth Form students are involved in numeracy and literacy lessons and act as buddy readers to lower school students. They can be similar to teaching assistants in the classroom or help in coaching or sporting activities in the physical education department. As role models for the rest of the school the Sixth Form students are heavily involved in school life.

Sixth Form: Application

Sixth Form: Facilities

The Sixth Form is housed in a separate part of the school adjacent to the main school building.

Here there are study areas for both Years 12 and 13 as well as a Common Room. There is also a Silent Study Room for those students who don’t need to network when involved in independent study.

Students leave the Sixth Form area for their lessons to go into the main body of the school.

IT facilities are plentiful and Year 12 is supervised study whilst Year 13 study is a step towards even more independence.

The Sixth Form experience is enhanced by daily contact with a group tutor.

This teacher will be your immediate pastoral and academic mentor and will be able to support, advise and guide students at the relevant times.

There are currently 12 tutor groups in the Sixth Form. These tutor groups are chosen to represent a cross-section of subjects studied and are complemented by direct access to the Director of Sixth Form studies and the Assistant Director.

Sixth Form: Student Life

A number of students join our Sixth Form from other schools.

These students enhance our Sixth Form and quickly become valued and integral members of the senior school. Currently, there are 71 students in the Sixth Form who did not have Castell Alun as their ‘mother school’.

We welcome these students and they quickly become essential members who are fantastic ambassadors for the Sixth Form.

Lessons in the Sixth Form are timetabled in 5 option lines. There are 5, one hour lessons in a day.

Students will also have some independent study time built into their timetable as well as some free time.

The example shown shows a student in Year 12 studying, History, Politics and German at AS Level as well as the Welsh Baccalaureate. The students has two free lessons and six study lessons during the week

Our Senior Student Ambassadors represent their peers in the Sixth Form throughout the school.

They attend School Council meetings, Governor meetings, participate in assemblies and meet regularly with the Director of the Sixth Form.

Here they have the opportunity to use their student voice on behalf of the Sixth Form students.

Sixth Form: Subjects

Art & Design Biology




Drama & Theatre Studies


English Language

English Literature

Food Technology


Further Mathematics



Health & Social Care


Information Technology



Performing Arts



Product Design


Religious Studies

Sport BTEC


Business Studies

Sixth Form: Successes

The Seren Initiative was launched by the Welsh Assembly as it was felt that not enough Welsh students were applying to elite universities. The programme is designed to support Wales’ brightest students.

Currently to become a member of Seren 5 A* grades are needed at GCSE, though of course extenuating circumstance can be taken into account should that standard not be reached. Seren students meet on a regular basis to participate in stretch and challenge events within Wrexham and Flintshire with other Seren students form those areas.

Pictured are some of the Seren students in the Sixth Form for the academic year beginning September 2018. There are currently 53 Seren students in the Sixth Form.