Adverse Weather

Adverse Weather

Winter is now upon us and so I would like to take this opportunity to remind you all of our inclement weather procedures, which place the safety of all as our highest priority.

If there is heavy and persistent snowfall or other extreme weather conditions, you will need to judge if it is necessary to keep your children at home. If a decision is made to close the school before the school day begins, due to severe weather, we will post a message on the front page of the website and our social media feeds to inform you of this. We will also leave an automated message on the school answer machine informing you of the closure as early in the day as possible.

You may also wish to check the Flintshire Local Authority website for ‘school snow closures’ information ( Flintshire Local Authority will make every effort to have the closure announced on local radio, Wrexham and Chester Capital FM 103.4 and further announcements may also be made on BBC Radio Wales.

Very occasionally it may be necessary to close the school before the end of the normal school day. In these instances, school buses will collect students and drop them off earlier than usual, and therefore we ask that all parents/carers ensure that children have access to a place of shelter, perhaps with a relative, neighbour or friend in such an eventuality. Please ensure that all children are clear on their own particular arrangements.

If weather bulletins report hazardous conditions, parents should use their discretion about the wisdom of sending their children to school.

Thank you for your understanding.