Friday 12th July 2019

Well, we are nearly there now, and we have had a tremendous term at school.  This week has been incredibly busy and, even as I write, the vast majority of our Year 10 student population is down at the quarry putting the finishing touches to all that they have created as part of their Welsh Baccalaureate Community Challenge.  Mr. Swale, our Year 10 Tutors Team and a number of other staff have worked so hard in order to make this event possible, and I would really recommend that you all take any opportunity to take a stroll over to the quarry area and have a good look around in order to marvel at what has been achieved.  Well done Year 10.  This was always going to be a true challenge and you have smashed it!

On Monday we held our lockdown drill practice and I would like to thank you for putting your children’s mind at ease as the event went off smoothly and without incident.  Also on Monday a number of students went on a trip to Wimbledon and saw some fantastic top class tennis matches live and in the flesh.  12 Year 9 students also had a brilliant Monday learning about the history of Caernarfon, and the legendry tale of Bedd Gelert on their Urdd trip.

We had a lovely afternoon on Tuesday celebrating the endeavours and achievements of a great number of students in Year 9 as part of our awards ceremony, with guest speaker Mr. James McCorkindale.  We are so proud of you all and the Castell Alun culture which you uphold, that it is cool to work hard and succeed in and out school.

Our afternoon with our elderly neighbours on Wednesday was really moving.  Our Year 9 students chatted away with friends from the community and lots of cake was eaten by all parties. There was lots of singing and dancing and we have had nothing but extremely positive feedback about this event.  Everyone had a brilliant time and we hope to run further similar afternoons in the future.

Yesterday was, of course, our Sports Day, and we were blessed with wonderful weather for the occasion.  A number of long-standing records tumbled and there were far too many highlights to mention them all in this blog.  A big well-done to everybody involved in the organisation of the event, and massive congratulations to all students who took part in the true spirit of this great sporting occasion.  To all our record-breakers, we stand in awe of your ability!

Our Duke of Edinburgh Gold cohort undertakes their final expedition of the year on Sunday.  We hope the weather holds for you and you all have a wonderful experience which prepares you for later life.  As you all know, Monday and Tuesday of next week will see various trips and activities for Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 as part of our School Festival, and on Wednesday morning our entire Year 7 will participate in our school Eisteddfod.

Both students and staff are really excited about next week and we are confident that it will cap off a great year in the life of the school.  Our entire School Leadership Team wishes, once again, to thank you all sincerely for the depth of trust which you have placed in us and the support which you give us on a daily basis.  As the year draws to a close we have all reflected upon the contribution Mr. Graham Hughes made to our school family, and we will always be most thankful for this.

Right now nobody wants to look past the summer holidays, but I will just mention exam results days on the 15th August (A level) and the 22nd August (GCSE).  School will be open from 8am onwards on both days, but we would ask Year 10 GCSE students not to collect their results until 10am on the 22nd please.  On the 2nd and 3rd September we have two staff training days and our students will return to us ready for another great year on the 4th September.  Please note also that Year 12 will enrol on the 2nd September, and Year 13 on the 3rd September.

On behalf of the entire Castell Alun family I wish you all an enjoyable and refreshing summer break.

Spring is here, have a lovely weekend!