Friday 22nd March 2024


Prynhawn da,

This term has certainly raced on and we find ourselves on the final day already! Nevertheless, we do feel that the term has been highly valuable and the Easter period provides an opportunity for a well-earned rest for students and staff alike. We do hold firmly to the fact that we all need rest in order to achieve our best and we are mindful of those students who will indeed have to work at times over the Easter break as we approach our public examination period in school.

This morning we held our Easter whole school assembly and this was led by Year 10. During our time together we considered the Easter message and our readers did an excellent job delivering their readings from the Bible. Di iawn to Lola, Luke and Alice for the clarity of their readings, despite microphone issues! Furthermore, our closing musical item was played brilliantly and Aerona (Year 11), Dylan, Ael, Louis and Ben (Year 10) and the entire sports hall really enjoyed their excellent rendition of ‘Valerie’.

We wish all the very best to our Year 10 students who are going on a school ski trip to Italy at lunchtime today and really look forward to hearing all of your stories when we report back to parents after Easter.

School has been busy this week and we particularly wanted to thank Erin and Maya (both Year 7) for their excellent musical performance in front of their peers during our Year 7 Assembly. It is exactly this kind of performance which allows students to muster the courage to play in our main school assembly, upper/lower school assembly, or in one of our school concerts one day.

Continuing on with the theme of congratulating students, ardderchog to Rhiannon, Eva and Bella, Year 7, who took part in the Swim Conwy Spring meet in Llandudno last weekend. All girls had very strong swims over the course of the 2 days and it is fair to say that a number of personal bests were achieved.

On a similar sporting theme a really big di iawn to our Under 13s boys rugby team, who played in the Clwyd Cup this week and performed to a really high standard. We have high hopes for you in the future.

An advance notice – CAFA are holding a quiz night for the whole family on Friday 19th April, with the doors due to open at 6.30pm. There will be a small bar and refreshments available throughout the evening. It would be great to see as many of you there as can make it! Please see this link for further details, including payment.

We will all return to school on Monday 8th April to begin our summer term.

We wish you all a very happy Easter and we do hope that our students are able to have the break they require, whilst still engaging in revision for examination class students, in order to bring their very best in our summer term.

Diolch yn fawr

Pasg Hapus a Mwynhewch y gwyliau.

Happy Easter and enjoy the holidays.