Friday 26th March 2021

It has been a busy and wonderful end to term, with the greatly welcomed return of students, firstly from Years 11, 12 and 13, followed by Years 10, 7, 9 then 8. After what we all hope will be a great break, we’re so excited about seeing everyone back in school full time from Tuesday 13th April, with Monday 12th being a Staff Training Day.

Upon their return students will be expected to be in full school uniform, as well as wearing a face mask (unless exempt), which must continue to be worn in all communal areas, including the classroom.

Year 7 will have their Parents’ Evening on Thursday 22nd April, which will be carried out virtually, as has been the case with Years 9 and 10, and details of the evening, together with information on making appointments has been sent to all Year 7 parents/carers ready for the appointment booking system, which will open on Tuesday 13th April.

The new term will undoubtedly be as busy as the previous one, in particular for our senior students who will be undertaking their subject assessments in line with this year’s awarding of Centre Determined Grades. Whilst the Easter holidays is an opportunity to spend some time preparing in order to perform at their best, it is also the time to enjoy a much needed break from study in order to return refreshed and ready for the term ahead.

Year 7 Welsh History

To celebrate Women’s History month, Year 7 have been learning about the Welsh Warrior Princess Gwenllian, who led her people to victory against the invading Normans in the 12th century.

Year 7 have been studying her story and have been coming up with reasons why she should be remembered by the people of Wales in 2021. We have had some really interesting pieces of work giving a variety of well thought out reasons as to why she deserves her place in Welsh history.

The time and effort placed on this by Year 7 has been really impressive, and a sample of the quality and standard can be seen here in the work of Mariyam, James, Taylor and Lola from 7T. Da iawn blwyddyn saith.

Castell Alun Student becomes Personal Trainer!

In last week’s blog we saw how one of our students had been spending their spare time during lockdown, with Hayden in Year 10 building an animatronic bombardier beetle! Hayden hasn’t been the only one of our students who has been busy pursuing their interests outside of school.

Seren in Year 10 has also been busy acting as a personal trainer, digitally hosting a live workout for all the Flintshire schools.

A commendable thing to do and not easy, in particular under the current circumstances! Seren is a keen sportswoman and she used her skill and know-how to design and lead a comprehensive training session, putting all those involved well and truly through their paces in a really professional manner.

Well done and thanks to Seren, a definite example to all!

And finally

A final and most sincere thank you to everyone for your endless support and indeed all that you’ve done this year to date. It has been an indescribable privilege for me to lead the school over recent months and I am proud of every member of our extended school family. We have surely each begun to understand that we are able to achieve more than we ever thought possible, even through the hardest of times. Mr Colin Ellis joins us on the 12th April and we all look forward to the continued growth and development that his leadership will facilitate. I’ll leave you with this thought, “If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves” (Thomas Edison).

Have an excellent Easter break. A new season and fresh beginnings are upon us and there are good times to come.