Friday 27th March 2020

Well, it has certainly been one of the strangest weeks in the entire history of our school! Although we remain open to children of ‘key workers’, our corridors and classrooms are effectively deserted. However, being a member of our school family is so much more than simply attending the building during the week. Each of us has a significant role to play in our school, and each of us is valued and needed by our friends, families and colleagues. Being part of the broader school family gives us confidence that we can face tough times together, enjoy the support of others and indeed offer support to others where we can.

It’s great to see all the learning that students have already undertaken at home since Castell Alun’s closure. This really is vital in order to continue education as effectively as possible at a time when regular learning experiences have been suspended for the foreseeable future. If, for any reason, your children have not been able to join any of the appropriate Google Classrooms, please contact school ( immediately. Some teachers are setting work in other ways, and again, if you have not received the necessary work, please do let us know. During next week, we intend to contact families in which children have not yet accepted ‘invites’ to all their Google Classrooms, in order to see how we can support you further.

Learning is in no way confined to the classroom setting. We all learn throughout our lives and in so many different ways. Although it is really important that our students continue to work hard on the tasks their teachers are setting them daily, we feel it is also important that personal interests and indeed hobbies continue to be nurtured in any way possible during this time of personal confinement. Perhaps it’s even an opportunity for us adults to learn a new skill?  I know some of us have enjoyed a virtual zoo, museum or music performance this week too.
All our students have access to their specific year group’s ‘Notice Board’ on Google Classroom. This  area has up-to-date notices and details for students, but, perhaps even more importantly at present, also contains useful and thought-provoking materials and ideas which focus on issues of wellbeing. If this area isn’t visible on your child’s Google Classroom Dashboard, please again contact us to resolve this.

Whilst we await further clarification on the awarding of qualifications for our older students, if there are any news stories relevant to this audience, which you feel may encourage our wider school family and help our students, please feel free to send them through to us. We may be able to use some in future Blogs or on our social media feeds. As always, please direct communications to

Although it may be a little while yet, we really look forward to seeing you all again, and thank you for your support and kind messages in the meantime.

Keep well everyone!