Celebrating the Successes of All

Celebrating the Successes of All

Castell Alun High School has seen its students accept places at traditional top universities, take up employment and apprenticeships and indeed achieve places on highly acclaimed diverse niche courses around Great Britain.

“We feel that all students at Castell Alun who were due to sit examinations this summer, and through no fault of their own were prevented from doing so, have now been granted parity with students who have undertaken the standard assessment process in previous years. So much hard work over the past 18 months in the form of myriad controlled assessed tasks, including of course multiple previous WJEC examination papers per subject, have been rigorously marked, moderated and graded using examination board marking schemes and criteria to ensure both legitimacy and absolute transparency to the grading process. Behind each individual success lies a story of endeavour, resilience and fortitude, and our students are thoroughly deserving of great credit.”

  • Mr Colin Ellis, Headteacher

“The effort has been truly phenomenal on the part of both students and staff, and we are all extremely hopeful of an equitable system which provides fairness for everyone as we look to plan for our next academic year. We are proud of the massive effort and work ethic demonstrated by our students and wish them all every happiness as they now move on to further education, training or employment. We cannot thank parents and carers enough for their support, encouragement and kindness this year. These traits, which characterise our school community readily, have brought us through considerable challenges over recent months.”

  • Mr Paul Edwards, Deputy Headteacher

“Well done everyone, you have been scrutinized beyond belief and you have not been found wanting. In the toughest of times, your enthusiasm and values have shone through. You are an absolute credit to yourselves, your families and Castell Alun. We are so very proud of each and every one of you. “

  • Mr Kevin Davies, Asst Head / Director of Sixth Form

Students have been accepted to study at universities the length and breadth of the country, from Aberystwyth to Lincoln and Aberdeen to Exeter. The courses accepted cover a multitude of areas, Dietetics, Midwifery, Medicine, Professional Policing, Real Estate, Veterinary Science, Music, Paramedic Science, Philosophy and Theology to name a few.

In a first for Castell Alun, Kaja Boczkowska , who is passionate about all aspects of life in South Korea and has taught herself the Korean language will be going to Sheffield university to study Korean Studies.

The school had three sets of twins in Year 13, and all of these students will accept offers to study at their first choice universities. Ayden and Connor De Winter will be going to Bristol and Leeds Universities to study Economics and Economics and Finance. Jessica and Rosie Roberts will be going to Glyndwr University and Liverpool John Moores University to study, Veterinary Nursing and Criminology and Sociology. Harri and Jac Edwards will be studying Business Management and Primary Teaching at Chester and St Marys Twickenham Universities.

Castell Alun is fortunate enough to receive a large number of students into their Sixth Form each year from other schools, and every student goes on to achieve very well. Two examples of this are Nitin Kopanna, who has accepted a place to study medicine at the new medical school at Sunderland University, and Holly Pemberton, who has secured a prestigious Undergraduate apprenticeship with Astra Zeneca.